Berne contact address

Getting there by train:
From Berne central railway station take the no. 12 “Zentrum Paul Klee” bus to the “Bärenpark” stop; go left down Klösterlistutz and then along Altenbergstrasse following the Aare downstream for about 5 minutes on foot as far as no. 29.


From Berne central railway station (Neuengasse exit) continue on foot to Waisenhausplatz. Cross the road past the Oppenheim fountain via Langmauerweg (footpath) down to the Altenbergsteg footbridge. Cross the Aare river over to Altenbergstrasse, and turn right to continue on down to no. 29 (B’VM plaque). Time required: about 15 minutes on foot.
Getting there by car:
“Bern-Ostring” or “Bern-Wankdorf” motorway exit, towards Zentrum (centre); parking available in front of Nydegg bridge on Klösterlistutz. There are also a few parking spaces in front of the building; these can be reserved by contacting the secretaries beforehand.